Situation Analysis: a forum for Critical Thought & International Current Affairs

Situation Analysis was established in October 2002 to provide a forum for debate regarding the interface between critical theory, world events and international news, and with the aim to serve as a focus for the more extensive and on-going practice of debate and enquiry between a wide range of interested and committed individuals and parties.

Situation AnalysisSituation Analysis (ISSN: 1478-2014)

The journal Situation Analysis brought together articles under specific themes that sought to examine, interrogate and experiment with the interface between critical theory and international current affairs. Its early issues brought together an exciting mix of established writers, up and coming scholars and graduates. key contributors included: W.J.T. Mitchell, Susan Buck-Morss, Nicholas Mirzoeff, Mary Midgely and Julian Baggini. The first three issues can be accessed via the British Library (also highlights available below in PDF format), for later issues and all other enquiries contact the Department of Cultural Studies at the University of Nottingham.

Issue 1: Correspondence After September 11th
Editorial Introduction
911: Critique & Crisis - W.J.T. Mitchell

A Global Public Sphere? - Susan Buck-Morss
The Empire of Camps - Nicholas Mirzoeff
Speaking Out of the Blue? September 11th as Hate Speech - Colin Wright
Why Lenin? Against Terror and War Post 9/11 - Rowan Wilson
It Would be Nice to be a Terrorist - Arthur Piper
What is Situation Analysis? - Sunil Manghani

Issue 2:The Battle for Resources
Editorial Introduction
Oil and Debt - The Collision between Ecology and Economy - Philip Goodchild
Oil, Iraq and US Foreign Policy in the Middle East - Irene Gendzier
Science and Poetry - Mary Midgley
Meeting in a Redwood: Wilderness on the Public Screen - Kevin Michael DeLuca

Issue 3: Informing Power
Editorial Introduction
The Other Ground Zero - Neal Curtis
Philosophy and Public Life - Julian Baggini
Review Article: Philosophy Behind the Headlines - Sunil Manghani